Mill Street Advisory provides strategic communication support to leading organisations, with a particular emphasis on the energy and resources sector. It draws on the over 30 years’ international experience of founder Matthew Doman in journalism, government relations, media management and community engagement, including 15 years in the oil and gas industry.

With a focus on supporting clients by providing public policy advice and managing government relations, stakeholder and community engagement, media issues, and corporate communication requirements, Mill Street Advisory provides strategic counsel at senior levels within organisations, coupled with hands-on support as required.

Delivering any major project, or promoting and defending any significant investment, invariably involves working with a wide range of stakeholders in politics, business, media and the community.

Mill Street Advisory delivers results through the effective implementation of strategy and tactics built on a solid base of information, analysis and experience.

Why Mill Street?

“Mill Street Advisory is named for the street where I grew up in the South Australian country town of Strathalbyn. I learned a lot about community, connectedness and contribution growing up. Everyone in the town knew their success was directly linked to how those around them were doing. Everyone had a role in confronting the community’s challenges and seizing its opportunities. Division served nobody’s interests. That’s the approach I take to my business.”

Matthew Doman, Director